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Our Journey: Crafting Words, Unleashing Possibilities

Hey there, we're 2Slash – your not-so-secret weapon for online writing. We're not into long-winded manifestos or dramatic narratives. We're just here to make your life easier, one keystroke at a time.

Our Backstory

In 2023, we had an "aha" moment. We were tired of wrestling with words online – emails, social media, blogs – you name it. So, we created a little magic tool to help us out. It worked so well that even our friends wanted in on the action. And now, we're sharing it with the world.

Track Record of Building High-Growth Ventures

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Our Mission: Productivity & Simplicity

We're on a mission to make your online writing life a breeze. Our mantra? We don't complicate; we simplify. Say goodbye to writer's block, and hello to words that flow effortlessly.

Continuous Evolution

Innovation driven by user needs and feedback is our compass.

Simplicity as a Virtue

We believe in user-friendly design, making complex tasks feel effortless.

User-Centric Innovation

Efficiency is our mantra; we empower users to achieve more with less time.

Productivity Excellence

We embrace change and growth to stay ahead in technology and user experience.

The Team

Alex Prober
Alex Prober
Co-Founder // Product
Itay Forer
Itay Forer
Co-Founder // AI
Yoni Cohen
Yoni Cohen

2Slash is rated 4.94/5 stars

My Secret Writing Weapon: Turbocharging Productivity!

2Salsh is a game-changer for anyone who writes a lot on email or in copy. It has accelerated my writing process, saving me valuable time every day. The accumulated time saved is truly significant. It's been a remarkable boost to my productivity.

maddalena photo
Maddalena Facci
Founder & CEO @ Insurtic

Google Docs + AI: Game-Changing Awesomeness!

This extension is absolutely mind-blowing! Using AI text generation in Google Docs is a complete game changer. It's like having Chat GPT right in the document, making it incredibly convenient. Overall, I'm just amazed.

carols photo
Carlos Terol
Founder @ Good Ripple

One-stop shop for all your fast and creative content generation!

2Slash's advanced AI transformed me from struggling to create new content or posts to a confident hero. In just seconds, I went from uncertainty to standing out. Now, I keep improving and exceeding my own expectations. Thanks, 2Slash!

Yasmine de Aranda
Growth Marketer Expert & CMO
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What started as a solution for us, the founders, quickly became a hit among our friends. And now, we're opening up the door for everyone to explore and enjoy the magic of 2Slash.

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