Some of Our Unique Features


Brief Summary:

2Slash introduces innovative features to enhance online productivity, including our contextual feature for summarizing, replying, and more; choose your language of response and build your own prompt.


  • Contextual Feature: Quickly mark texts online for use in your prompts.

  • Language Respond  Selection: Summarize or interact in different languages, including setting a default language.

  • Create your Custom Prompts: Add your own prompts to the library for personalized productivity enhancements.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Selecting Text Online: Select the text you want to use your prompt for online - in this case, LinkedIn Post. long post you want to summarize on a platform like LinkedIn.

    • You'll see our Quick Action Bar (popup) at the bottom of the page, which offers you the ability to create a prompt based on the selected text.

      Contextual feature on the 2Slash extension
  2. Changing Language Settings: Get a response in the language you want by choosing the language option before generating.

    • You can also change your default language in settings for all future interactions.

      Select a response language in the setting 2slash extension

  3. Creating Custom Prompts: Access the prompt library to add your own prompts.

    • Add a title and details, and, if needed, insert an attribute (parameters) for your custom prompt, then save it for future use.

      Create your own prompt feature in the 2Slash extension

  4. Utilizing Custom Prompts and Attributes: Once your custom prompt is saved, you can start using it immediately.

    • Adjust attributes within your prompts for more personalized and sophisticated responses.