Add Images To Your Prompts (AI Vision Model)

Learn to utilize AI vision models: A straightforward guide on adding images to prompts, selecting models, and generating actionable results efficiently.



This video provides a concise tutorial on how to use the vision model within a specific AI platform,
highlighting the steps to add images to prompts, select a model with vision capabilities,
and execute tasks like transcribing text from an image. The guide emphasizes simplicity and direct instruction,
making it accessible for users to apply the model for various image-related tasks.

Highlight & Overall Message

Empower users to utilize AI vision models effectively.
Open the tool: Access the AI model via a specific extension.
Add an image: Upload an image for analysis.
Select a model: Choose an AI model with vision capabilities.
Enter a prompt: Specify the task for the AI model.
Generate output: Execute the task and use the results.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Open the Tool
    Navigate to the extension page to start using the vision model.
  2. Add an Image
    Click the bottom bar to upload the image you want the AI to analyze.
  3. Select a Model
    Choose an AI model that supports vision tasks from the options provided.
  4. Enter a Prompt
    Type in what you want the AI to do with the uploaded image, such as "transcribe the text."
  5. Generate Output
    Click the generate button to execute the task and wait for the AI to present the results.
  6. Use the Results
    The text or analysis obtained from the image is now ready for your use.