Blogging & SEO Productivity

2Slash streamlines blog and SEO tasks by offering user-friendly many useful prompts like blog outline creation, SEO analysis, and article generation, and many more.


The video demonstrates how 2Slash can enhance blog writing and SEO productivity by providing many specialized prompts like creating blog outlines, analyzing SEO pages, generating articles, and much more.
It guides viewers through using these prompts to efficiently produce detailed blog outlines, analyze web pages for SEO improvements, and create articles with specific instructions, including analyzing competitor content safely to avoid plagiarism.



  • Blog Outline Creation: Easily generate detailed outlines for blog posts with specified sections.

  • SEO Page Analyzer: Analyze your or competitors' websites for SEO improvements.

  • Article Generation: Produce articles by providing context, keywords, and instructions.

  • Competitor Content Analysis: Safely mimic competitor articles for SEO benefits without plagiarism.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Creating a Blog Post Outline:

    • Choose the "blog outline" prompt.

      Blog Post Outline Prompt

    • Input the topic you want the outline for, such as "building a community online."
    • Generate and copy the detailed outline to your clipboard.

  2. Using the SEO Page Analyzer:

    • Open the extension and type "SEO analyzer."

      SEO Analyzer Prompt

    • Copy and paste the URL you wish to analyze.
    • Press generate to receive a comprehensive SEO analysis.

  3. Generating an Article:

    • Open the extension and choose to generate an article prompt.

      Generate an Article + Plagiarism Checked + SEO Optimized

    • Provide detailed context, including keywords and the direction of the article.
    • Include specific instructions for more tailored content.
    • Generate the article and copy it to your draft.

  4. Analyzing Competitor Content:

    • Identify a competitor's article you wish to analyze, and use the next prompt:.

      Competitive Article Generator

    • Use the extension to input the competitor's article URL.
    • Generate a competitive analysis to aid in creating your content.