Make Email Writing Productive

The 2Slash extension revolutionizes email writing and tasks by simplifying rewriting, automating smart replies, and crafting engaging cold emails with ease.



This video showcases the 2Slash extension's capabilities in enhancing email productivity by demonstrating three features:
Rewriting emails for brevity and clarity, generating smart replies to save time, and creating compelling cold emails using the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) approach.
Each example illustrates how 2Slash streamlines email communication, making it more efficient and effective.


  • Email Rewriting: Condenses long emails into brief, clear, and professional messages. 

  • Smart Replies: Offers quick, professional responses to emails, saving time.

  • Cold Email Creation: Utilizes FOMO to generate compelling promotional emails.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Rewriting an Email for Clarity and Brevity:

  1. Highlight the lengthy email text you wish to condense.
  2. Open the 2Slash extension, select the "rewrite email" option, and press enter to generate a concise version.

    Rewriting Email in a Brief and Natural Tone Prompt

Generating a Smart Reply:

  1. Highlight the email to which you need to reply.
  2. Choose the "reply to email" prompt in the 2Slash extension and provide a brief input if needed, then generate a professional response.

    Smart Reply to an Email Prompt

Creating a Cold Email Using FOMO:

  1. Open the 2Slash extension and select the option for crafting a cold email with a FOMO approach.
  2. Provide context about your product or service, specify your target audience, and detail the desired action (e.g., signing up with a discount).
  3. Generate the email, including a compelling subject line and content designed to create urgency.

    Cold Email Idea to Create FOMO