Generate an Image

The video tutorial demonstrates generating custom images with the 2Slash extension, focusing on user control over image specifics and copyright safety.



The video explains how to generate images using the 2Slash extension, providing a step-by-step guide on selecting image dimensions, crafting descriptions, and generating images.
It also covers using custom prompts and managing image downloads, emphasizing ease of use and copyright compliance.


  • Image Size Selection: Choose from square, wide, or landscape formats.
  • Direct Prompt Option: Allows users to enter a description directly for image generation.
  • Generate Button: Creates the image based on provided details.
  • Download Options: Users can download or view images directly.
  • Custom Prompts: Offers predefined or personalized prompts for targeted image creation.
  • Usage Rights: Generated images are copyright-safe for unrestricted use.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Open the Extension: Start by launching the 2Slash extension on your device.
  2. Select Image Dimensions: Choose your desired image format from square, wide, or landscape options.
  3. Input Image Description: Enter a detailed description of the image you want to generate, or choose a direct prompt-free option.
  4. Generate the Image: Click the 'generate' button to create the image based on your specifications.
  5. View or Download Image: Once the image is generated, you can either download it directly or open it in a new tab for a better view.
  6. Use Custom Prompts: You can select from existing prompts or create your own to generate specific images for different uses, like blog posts.
  7. Download and Use: After generating the image, you can download and use it freely without needing to credit anyone.