Improving the AI Response

How to Improve The AI Response with 2Slash



Hey everyone, welcome back to 2Slash in today's video. We'll talk about how to improve the response To get started. Let's activate their extension and now let's choose a specific rider and length.

Now let's generate a response. After choosing the response, you now have multiple ways to improve it. We can start by just deciding to regenerate the response and with regenerate, you can have an inner new response you can change the tone you can change the length or even give more instruction.

Let's try the tone first this one I wrote as a copywriter Now let's write it as illegal assistance Now changing the tone will change the response.

The next one I can go ahead and do is maybe change the length. I wrote just one sentence but I want a short paragraph which is more in-depth.

You go ahead and press it and this is how you get a little longer response. Now you can also copy the response and create a whole new one with a whole new setting.

I wanted to be an influencer and I wanted to be a long paragraph. now you've got a very long paragraph about Work-life balance.

However, let's say you want to change something that is not pre-written So you can go and improve the reply by just changing more instruction.

And you just generate now the AI will take the new improved one minimize it as an As you can see, it's funny and it's under 60 words.

Those are the different ways you can generate a response, improve it, change the parameters, and basically get more personalized to whatever you wanna achieve in terms of writing with AI.

Thank you so much, and see you in the next episode.