Install, Sign Up and Start Using 2Slash

A quick guide on how to install, sign up and operate the 2Slash extension


In this video, I will explain how to get started with the 2 Slash Extension. I will guide you through the process of adding the extension to your Chrome browser, creating a user account, and customizing your voice. I will also show you how to use the extension to generate responses for emails and other text fields. By the end of this video, you will be ready to use the 2 Slash Extension efficiently and save time on your writing tasks.



0:01 Hi everyone! In today's video, we'll explain you how to get started with 2 slash extension. First thing, you would go to the 2 slash .ai website and go to the Add Chrome extension.
0:16 you're in the Chrome store, just press Add to Chrome. from here, we have a specific instruction for you how to progress, so you would go in and pin the extension, you would need to create a user if you don't have one.

Creating a User Account

0:51 After 
0:52 you sign up, you will have a few steps to customize your and I want to write to the point and engaging.
1:17 then you can put in any sentence you want. That describe your writing. In this case I'm just gonna put a simple one.
1:25 Thanks for And then you just create your voice. All done. At this point, you have, Your voice ready, your extension ready, and you're ready to operate.

Customizing Your Voice

1:39 if you're clicking here the extension, you would see here, that this is the panel where you can use the extension.
1:47 You have multiple options on the bottom and what we're going to do now is going to go over each one of them for you to understand.
1:55 The first one is my account where you can always go back and adjust your voice The second one is the setting where you can change the model if you want the GPT-4 or 3.5.
2:10 In addition, you have the option to contact us and the last but not least is the ability to create your own command or prompts.
2:20 We have our pre-written one already here for you, but you can create your own. but to actually create the magic.
2:27 You have a few ways to do it. The first way is just to click slash slash, and you're going to have our pop-up right here for you.
2:38 Where the pop-up comes up, you can choose the command from all of the commands that we gave you, or you can just type them.
2:47 In this case, I'm just going to use email. And then you can write whatever you want to do in terms of email.
2:58 options on the top. You have the tone, which you can use the me, that we described before, and you have the length, if you wanted to learn.
3:08 Long paragraph, one sentence, a short paragraph, or a short phrase. In this case, we're just gonna choose one sentence. And then all you have to do is either press enter or press this button right here.

Using the Extension

3:25 And voila, you got already an answer. Then this answer is already copied to your clipboard. And from here, you can either go and paste it on the same spot you were on.
3:40 Or, you can go and change the respond. Either you want to regenerate a new respond, change the tone, or change the length, or even just give a word to instructions In this case, I'm just going to generate a new respond.

My Account and Settings

4:03 As I'm doing this, you would see that it's kept for you the historical trial that you had. And in any given moment, you can go back and just copy a different respond that you liked more.
4:17 Let's say I'm going to go with this one and right here, you're just going back to the page and just paste it and voila.

Creating Your Own Commands

4:25 You have the subject line for your email and the content for the email. So this is one way to engage with the extension.
4:35 just press the extension itself and you have a field here you can use the command. The third way is our side button right here and either you can exit or you can just go in and press it and that will pop up again the two slash extension.
4:55 So as you see here I'm on LinkedIn but it's going to work on different text field across the internet. The goal here is for you to get the extension right where you need it and save a lot of 

Contextual Options