Social Media Engagement

Discover effective strategies to boost your social media engagement with 2Slash and our step-by-step guide on using prompts for quick replies, content creation, and more.


This video tutorial offers insights into enhancing social media engagement and productivity using specific tools and prompts.
It demonstrates how to reply to posts efficiently, generate new content, and revamp existing posts across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more to increase visibility and engagement
for personal or company profiles.


Maximize social media engagement with less effort.

    • Consistent Engagement: Daily interactions such as commenting and liking are crucial.
    • Productivity: Utilize built-in prompts for quick replies, comments, and post-generation.
    • Content Revitalization: Refresh and repurpose old posts for renewed attention.
    • Broad Application: Suitable for personal, professional, and company accounts across multiple platforms.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Engaging with Posts:

2. Creating New Posts:

3. Revitalizing Old Posts:

  • Select an old post that performed well but needs updating. Or choose an inspiration from some other great post you saw. 
  • Use the rewrite tool to generate a new version of the post for reposting or adapting it for different platforms or languages.

    Here are some prompts to rewrite posts:

    - How to Rewrite a LinkedIn Post
    - How to Rewrite a Tweet

4. Exploring Further:

  • Visit the social media content prompts section for more tools.
  • Browse through various prompts to find more ways to enhance your social media engagement and content creation strategy.