Copywriting Tasks Simplified

The video show 2Slash's versatile copywriting abilities that boosts efficiency by aiding in brainstorming, content creation, and generating engaging hooks.


The video introduces 2Slash, a tool designed to assist with various copywriting tasks, including generating headlines, ideas, presentations, and essays. It showcases
how 2Slash can streamline the process of brainstorming, generating content for specific topics like sustainability, and creating compelling hooks for posts,
thereby enhancing productivity in copywriting tasks.


  • Versatile Functionality: Assists with a wide range of copywriting tasks from brainstorming to essay writing.
  • Idea Generation: Simplifies the process of coming up with new ideas for specific topics.
  • Content Creation: Enables quick generation of articles, presentations, and essays.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines copywriting tasks, making the process more productive.

Some relevant prompts that was used in the video:

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Getting Started with 2Slash:

    • Open 2Slash and select the type of copywriting task you need assistance with, such as generating ideas, writing essays, or creating presentations.
  2. Idea Generation for Posts:

    • Input your topic or theme, and press generate to receive different ideas for your post.
  3. Creating Content:

    • Choose a specific subject, for example, "sustainability in the workplace," and press generate to get an article on the topic.
  4. Copying to Clipboard:

    • Once the content is generated, it’s automatically copied to your clipboard for easy pasting into your desired platform.
  5. Using the Summarize Feature:

    • Use the summarize option to condense long texts or articles, making it easier to start writing on a topic.
  6. Generating a Hook:

    • Select the option to create a hook for your post, input your requirements, and press generate to receive a compelling opening sentence.