Prompts Library: How to Use It

Guide to Use Our Prompts Library


In this video, I will guide you through our PROMPS library and demonstrate how it can enhance your online writing. I will show you how to navigate the library, explore different categories, and access various prompts. Additionally, I will explain how to add premium prompts to your library and customize your own prompts. By utilizing this library, you can become an expert in your field without extensive research. Watch the video to learn how to generate posts, replies, and ideas effortlessly, saving you time and effort.



0:01 Hey everyone! In today's video, we'll talk more about our prompts library and how you can use it to your advantage while writing online.
0:10 When you're going into it, you would see different categories that each one represents different areas of prompts or commands. For an example, I'm just going to take the social media content one.
0:21 As you see, I have different variations and different prompts here. For example, if I go to reply comments on Twitter on LinkedIn, sorry, you would see who wrote it, you would see how many people are using it, the rating, and you're also going to see a quick description that specified what you're going

Exploring the PROMPS Library

0:43 to get with this prompt. In addition, you are having an example here that was taken from using our own two-slash extension.
0:54 So as you see the beginning will be the prompt or the command in our interface and then this is exactly what we put in and this was the output.
1:06 If I go back to the prompt library and let's say I'm interested about something that had to do with business and I want to go to a startup idea generation like here.
1:19 Let's say I want to add it to my prompt library in our extension. In order to do so you need to edit.
1:29 But this is a premium one. So you can only use it if you actually have a membership with us. So let me add the prompt right here.

Adding Prompts

1:38 As you see it successfully went into my library. I can open right here my library and this one which is a startup idea will be right here.
1:55 This means I can actually start using it. Right now you have different ones which you can delete and can keep or you can create your own.
2:03 But with this library which we're gonna change and add more every day almost, this is your option to actually being specified and being an expert in certain field without actually do the digging because we're giving you an expert prompt that giving you and doing the job for you, or you have a prompt

Customizing and Creating Prompts

2:23 that you want to show us, or you want us to create it for you, you just can go here to the request prompt on the library page and just go with flow and request it.
2:35 Show how the prompt is used. Let's say I'm here and I want to generate a post on LinkedIn. I'm going to call the two slash extension and then I'm just going to Start typing linked, and then all of the prompts that I collected is already here.
2:54 So as you see, I can go down with the arrow and decided this post-generator ideas or reply, I'm just going to choose the post-generator.
3:02 And I want to generate a post about walk life balance for a startup founder. Now, in order to get the best out of this already pre-made prompts, you should probably use the tone and the length as a default one, with no choosing one.
3:30 Because inside this prompt, there is also the tone and the length. However, if you do want to keep your own tone, you can always change the different tone and you can always play with it and regenerate another respond if you want to.

Using the Prompt Library

3:46 In this case, I'm just going to click Enter and see what happened. With a click, Voila! You've got a post that is already ready.
3:58 And it's already copied to the clipboard, so all you need to do is close the extension and paste. And I have already made a post that putting in to even the tags that you need to.
4:11 And this is already prepared for what you wanted with taking in consideration the amount of characters that is more effective on LinkedIn.
4:20 And it's taking in consideration how you're writing it and the flow and the structure. So instead of you being an expert suddenly, you get this expertise in one click.
4:30 Another way to use the prompt library is on the contextual as well. So let's say this guy wrote an amazing post, but it's too long for me to read.
4:40 I'm just can go in and use one of the commands. One of the commands that we had in our library, which is pretty neat, is the LinkedIn reply.
4:50 We check in in consideration the context of this of Alex right here and actually giving a reply that taking in consideration that but also try to be engaging, short and to the point.
5:05 So the only thing you need to do is not even touching anything here and keep the tone the length and just go in and press enter.
5:13 As you see, we got an amazing reply that already took everything in consideration and got to the point that you can only just copy it, go in, and mark and then just post.
5:29 That was a little bit about a prompt library and how to use it.