Floating Helper Button

Exploring the Floating Button Feature


Hey everyone, welcome back to 2Slash. Today, we're gonna talk about the floating button, as we mentioned in the first video. There are a few ways to activate the 2Slash, and one of them is the floating button. As you see here on the right one click will get you the pop-up of the 2Slash right away.

If you don't like to have it on your specific session you can just hover over it and click the X.

If you want to change a setting and not have it at all, you can go to our extension and right here on the bottom on setting and you can see the display sidebar button, which is the floating button and just choose no if you choose no and do save you would no longer see the floating button.

If you get you want to get it back, just another click, enter the setting and just choose yes and save. Simple as that.

See you back in the next video.