Using The Quick Action Bar

Exploring the Quick Action Bar Feature



Hey everyone, welcome back to 2Slash. Today we're gonna talk about a new cool feature We just released called quick action bar to get started.

I'm gonna show you how you activate it. You can go into the two slash extension, you can go to the setting and then you can choose whether to have the quick action bar open or not.

This is where you decide if you want to use it or not and have it on the screen when needed.

Let's just choose yes and save. Now let's see how we can use it. You can use the Quick Action Bar in a few different options.

I'm gonna show you two but keep in mind that you can use it for other reasons too. The Quick Action Bar is letting you market a specific text with a specific context and do an action or command on it.

For example, let's say I wanna take this post on colors and summarize it for me. Just mark everything, and you're gonna see this small, quick action bar with different commands.

Let me choose, in this case, summarize and press. Now as you might see here, you're going to get the summarize action which is pre-built and you're going to get the text that was just copied as a form of context.

You can add more to it in terms of requests. I want it to be short. Or you can go ahead and choose I want it in the form of bullets.

Points. Those are just things you can add but a quick action is summarized. I can do it even without it. Then I just go ahead and press enter here.

As you see, I asked for one sentence and a copywriter as the type of voice and this is why I got it.

It gives me the highlight of this post, which shows me the seven reasons why citizen assemblies are needed. So this is one example.

Now let's try to use this text for a different one. Let's say I want to reply to the text, but I want the context in the form of my answer.

So let me mark this thing and choose reply. Now I can say something like I want the reply with no emoji.

Something like I want the reply under 50 words or Just keep it the way it is and just press ENTER This way, you would see the computer will generate a response that is talking specifically about what he brought up.

Because I didn't limit it, I got a full response that put a lot of context into what Carlos was writing.

This can be used as a very strong tool to keep going on social media and replying to different posts but keep the context of the actual posts.

Keep in mind that this is two functions or commands that we gave and pre-built. You can always go in and build your own command as we show in the other video.

That can be relevant for a specific marking of a text. That is it for today and thank you so much for choosing 2Slash.