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Simplify your content creation and start writing smarter & faster.
Type "//" in any text field to create emails, social media posts or replies and even summarize long text - all in seconds.

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Making Your Daily Work More Efficient

community & growth

Community Growth & Engagement

Connecting with your community and boosting engagement has never been easier

Add a splash of color to every post, reply, or comment to ensure a diverse and engaging experience for your audience

social media growth

Social Media Growth

Elevate your social media influence with tailored responses, captivating posts & clever comments

Achieve 10x growth & amplify your impact effortlessly across social platforms

Let your presence shine

sales & support productivity

Sales & Support Productivity

Productivity is a marathon, not a sprint

You can complete tasks like setting up outreach, handling prospect responses & booking meetings effortlessly

Type less and win more!

What We Do In 60 Seconds

Refine Writing Using Expert Prompts

Personalized Prompts for Enhanced Productivity

Explore our curated library of tailor-made prompts crafted by our engineers. They are designed to help you refine your skills, deepen your knowledge, and achieve results across all mediums.

Discover our collections, from creating blogs to crafting social media responses, writing emails, and developing your content strategy.

Need a specific prompt? Just request it from our team of experts.

A Few Examples

writing an email sample

Effortless and time-saving email creation

Create, reply to, or rewrite emails easily using our email command.

Utilize our free prompts to craft sales, support, or transactional emails.

Simplify your email writing.

sample for translate in Twitter

Amplify your social media growth with tailored responses & clever comments

Engaging your community is now a breeze :)

Use our contextual action bar to add color and relevance to each response or comment, creating a dynamic and captivating experience for your audience.

Stand out and make an impact.

sample of code in python

Enhance the efficiency and productivity of your writing

From crafting engaging blogs and newsletters to rewriting paragraphs and website content, we've got all your writing needs covered.

Simply choose the command that best fits your objective and medium, and watch as writer's block transforms into a wellspring of creativity.

writing a linkedin post sample

Elevate your social media influence with captivating posts

Creating unique content for social media requires creativity, time investment, thinking outside the box, and constant innovation.

But not anymore! You can now generate captivating posts within seconds on any social media platform.

Discover What Users Are Saying About Us

My Secret Writing Weapon: Turbocharging Productivity!

2Salsh is a game-changer for anyone who writes a lot on email or in copy. It has accelerated my writing process, saving me valuable time every day. The accumulated time saved is truly significant. It's been a remarkable boost to my productivity.

maddalena photo
Maddalena Facci
Founder & CEO @ Insurtic

Google Docs + AI: Game-Changing Awesomeness!

This extension is absolutely mind-blowing! Using AI text generation in Google Docs is a complete game changer. It's like having Chat GPT right in the document, making it incredibly convenient. Overall, I'm just amazed.

carols photo
Carlos Terol
Founder @ Good Ripple

One-stop shop for all your fast and creative content generation!

2Slash's advanced AI transformed me from struggling to create new content or posts to a confident hero. In just seconds, I went from uncertainty to standing out. Now, I keep improving and exceeding my own expectations. Thanks, 2Slash!

Yasmine de Aranda
Growth Marketer Expert & CMO

Say goodbye to writer's block

Say hello to engaging, polished content that captivates your audience.



$10 / month Billed Monthly

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  • 15,000 Words Limit
  • Select AI Algorithm (GPT-4 / GPT-3.5)
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$8 / month Billed $96 per year

Start For Free
  • 250,000 Words Limit
  • Select AI Algorithm (GPT-4 / GPT-3.5)
  • Open AI Key Not Required
  • No Country Restrictions
  • Access To Premium Prompts
  • Access To All Features

$100 Billed Once

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  • Words Limit
  • Select AI Algorithm (GPT-4 / GPT-3.5)
  • Use Own Open AI Key
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  • Access To Premium Prompts
  • Access To All Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, the extension is available on the Chrome browser. We are planning to expand to Firefox and Edge very soon.

We are working with GPT-4, GPT-3.5 and a unique option to experiment with GPT-4 32K. You can choose your wanted model in the extension under settings.

2Slash is fully integrated into any text input and any site. It provides a simple tailored approach to specific unique problems providing the best results possible with a wide selection of options.

The extension is 100% free to install, you can use it for a full week completely free of charge. After a week you can choose if you are interested in continuing using the extension, we offer a wide variety of paid subscriptions as cheap as a few dollars a month.

With the lifetime deal you have no commitment to us, pay once, use your own API key and get access to all of our features, full support, access to new features and no limitations.

We get it - each person is different. We provide a pre-built set of commands to all users, however, commands are dynamic and you can configure your own set of additional commands, this provides you with quick snippets for your day to day needs.

We give as much variation as possible, you can configure the model, the request and even the tone of the reply.