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Your company dedicates a major portion of time to written communication, which is crucial for every business. With 2Slash, your team can effortlessly create high-quality, brand-compliant, consistent, and compliant writing in just a few clicks, saving valuable time and effort.

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AI for all: Effortless efficiency and seamless consistency

Discover how your business can enhance productivity, streamline efficiency, and cut costs with generative AI, as endorsed by industry leaders

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Clearer Language, Simpler Figures

straightforward and brief, everything functions more smoothly. Companies using 2Slash have reported improvements of up to:

ROI 10x
ROI per employee

Time save 130
hours saved
per employee

Document 25%
less time in
all communication

Money save $2K
saved per employee

Works in any browser based application

2Slash offers a seamless experience with no need to switch contexts, working smoothly across over 1,000,000 websites

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Safe, Confidential, and Ethical Artificial Intelligence

2Slash offers robust security for AI, designed with fairness and safety at its core. We never sell customer data or allow third parties to use it for training models. Your enterprise texts are private and never saved on our servers.