Text-To-Speech Feature

Learn to easily convert text into speech using the 2Slash extension with our step-by-step guide. Choose voices, input text, and download audio effortlessly.


This video guides viewers through using the text-to-speech feature in the 2Slash extension.
It details steps from opening the extension, selecting a voice to input text, and generating audio,
highlighting the tool's ease and versatility.

Key Points:

Simple and Direct Instruction: The video provides a straightforward tutorial on using the 2Slash extension's text-to-speech functionality.
Voice Selection: Offers a variety of voices, allowing users to choose the most suitable one.
Text Conversion: Users can easily convert their written text into audio.
Audio Accessibility: The generated audio is readily available for listening, adjustment, and download.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Open 2Slash Extension:
    Start by launching the 2Slash extension on your browser.

  2. Access Text-to-Speech Feature:
    Click the microphone tab on the left side to open the text-to-speech function.

  3. Choose a Voice:
    Listen to the different voices available using the play button and select the one you prefer.

  4. Input Your Text:
    Type or paste the text you want to convert into the text box provided.

  5. Generate Audio:
    Click the "Generate" button to convert your text into audio.

  6. Access Your Audio:
    Find your newly created audio at the bottom, ready for you to listen to, adjust playback speed, and download directly from the interface or the bottom bar.