The Documents Feature (PDF & more)

This video showcases how to effectively use the 2Slash extension to manage, analyze, and generate content from uploaded documents like PDF, Word Documents & more.


Video Summary

In this tutorial, the presenter demonstrates how to use the 2slash extension for managing documents. Viewers learn how to upload documents, create and utilize prompts, and ask questions to analyze information across various document formats like PDFs and Word docs. The video also covers document deletion, multilingual response generation, and custom prompt creation.

Key Highlights

  • Document Management: Upload, rename, and delete documents within the 2slash extension.
  • Creating Prompts: How to write and utilize prompts to extract and analyze information from documents.
  • Multilingual Support: Generate responses to queries in multiple languages.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Open 2slash Extension: Start by launching the 2slash extension and navigating to the documents tab.
  2. Upload Documents: Add documents from your computer by clicking the 'add documents' button and selecting the files you want to upload.
  3. Manage Uploaded Documents: View and organize your uploaded documents, allowing for easy access and management.
  4. Delete Documents: If necessary, you can delete any document that you no longer need from the system.
  5. Ask Questions: Use the uploaded documents to ask specific questions; the system can generate responses based on the content of the documents.
  6. Generate Multilingual Responses: Choose different languages for the system to respond to your queries, enhancing accessibility.
  7. Analyze Documents: Pose questions to analyze comparative data, like financial health between two companies from uploaded balance sheets.
  8. Create and Use Prompts: Design custom prompts for specific analyses or information extraction and apply them to your documents.