Get Started with 2Slash


Summary of "How to Get Started with 2Slash" Video:

2Slash offers a straightforward guide to using its Chrome extension for enhancing productivity with AI-assisted writing.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Using 2Slash:

  1. Download the Extension: Go to the Chrome store and download the 2Slash extension.

  2. Create or Access Your Account: Sign up for a new account or log in if you already have one.

  3. Activate 2Slash: Activate the extension from the Chrome toolbar or by pressing '//' on your keyboard.

  4. Select Writing Tone: Select the default AI writing style, personalize Tone, or choose from a pre-written generic Tone.

    2Slash screen to choose a tone

  5. Determine Response Length: Choose a response length, either by default (AI choice) or from four given options.

    Determine the length of the response on the 2Slash extension

  6. Pick a Prompt: Select an AI prompt that suits your writing task from a pre-writen list.

    Pickup a prompt on the 2Slash extension

  7. Provide Details to AI: Input specific information or context for the AI to create content, such as details for an email.

    Give the 2Slash extension context

  8. Select Language: Set the language for your AI-generated response.

    Pick a response language on the 2Slash extension

  9. Generate Content: Press enter or click generate to receive the content, which is copied to your clipboard automatically.

  10. Adjust if Needed: If the response isn't satisfactory, use the option to regenerate or improve it.