Our Prompts Library


2Slash's Prompts library simplifies AI interactions by offering expertly crafted, ready-to-use prompts accessible with a single click, enhancing the user experience and content quality.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Visit the Prompt Library: Go to the prompt library section on the 2Slash AI website to explore various prompts.

  2. Browse and Search: Look through different categories or use keywords to find a specific prompt.

    Prompts Library page on the 2slash website

  3. Choose a Prompt: Select a prompt and review its headline, description, and example to understand its use.

  4. Add to Your Library: Click 'Get this prompt' to add it to your personal library.

    Choose a prompt on the 2Slash prompt library

  5. Access in Extension: Open your extension and find the newly added prompt in the 'My Prompts' section.

    MY prompt library on the 2Slash extension

  6. Activate the Prompt: To use the prompt, simply type it into your extension.

    Use your prompt on the 2Slash extension

  7. Follow Prompt Guidelines: Keep the Tone and Length of the prompt as is for optimal results.